On the Front Lines


My Work in Mathare

I’ve worked in various operations management roles throughout my 14-year professional career – most of them, in the tourism/attractions industry. In 2012, I began working for CMF International, providing oversight of the child sponsorship program in the home office. My job was to create some infrastructure, improve processes toward greater efficiency, and build a solid foundation upon which the program can grow in the future.

Now, I’m taking those same skills to the field where I’m working alongside the team from our partner organization, Missions of Hope International in Nairobi, Kenya. The reality is that, while there are 12,500 children currently being reached through our program in Nairobi, there are at least 100,000 more who aren’t. My focus is to help bridge the gap between the field and the home office, and work with the team to improve processes and build capacity into the program. The ultimate goal is to reach as many of these children in Mathare Valley as possible and get them into our sponsorship program where they’ll have access to education, nutritious meals, medical care, and spiritual and social development.

But, we’re not interested in just giving these children and their families a handout; rather, we want to give them a hand up. Through a process called “Community Health Evangelism” (CHE), we are working in the slum communities, teaching those who live there the skills they need to be able to help themselves break the cycle of poverty.

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