Things I’ve learned in Kenya (Part 1 of ??)

  1. There is such thing as a washing machine that is also a dryer.
  2. In your car, the turn signal and the windshield wiper controls are swapped. Activating your windshield wipers is not a good indicator to those around you that you intend to make a turn.
  3. You must have your car inspected and walk through a metal detector before entering any mall.
  4. Nakumatt (the Kenyan version of Walmart) has everything I could possibly need. But, many US brand name items cost at least 3x as much as in the US!
  5. KFC, Subway and Domino’s taste about the same as they do in the States. Except the cheese at Subway isn’t as good, and Domino’s will serve you ketchup as dipping sauce for breadsticks.
  6. Speed bumps are prevalent on all major roads, but are not always clearly marked.
  7. Roundabouts move in a clockwise fashion.
  8. If someone is trying to steal your hubcap while you are stopped in traffic, just honk your horn and beat on your window to scare them off.
  9. Things like electricity and cell phone data are paid in advance. So, if you run out or are getting low of either, you’d better “top up” your account!
  10. M-PESA might be one of the greatest inventions ever.
  11. When you “top up” your electricity via M-PESA, be sure to enter the confirmation number into the meter on your fuse box if you want your power to stay on.
  12. When a brand-new shopping mall opens a few days before a national holiday, the entire city will visit said shopping mall on said national holiday.
  13. Probably the reason there isn’t a McDonald’s in Kenya is because there is a ban on importing beef, and McD’s can’t guarantee a consistent product.
  14. There’s something to be said for the lyrics, “I felt the rains down in Africa” from Toto’s song, Africa.
  15. Something that expires on 09/06/15 is NOT good until September 6, 2015… (It’s good until June 9, 2015!)
  16. Never ask why.
  17. When driving, always look for the open spaces.
  18. My floor is never going to be clean.
  19. While Malaria is not prevalent in Nairobi, there seems to be no shortage of mosquitos.
  20. When buying a vehicle, it is advisable to have things like mirrors, emblems, windshield wipers, and any other potentially loose items riveted to the vehicle to reduce the possibility of them being stolen – sometimes while you are in your vehicle stopped in traffic.

More to come, I’m sure…

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