Mathare Valley (9:24)
I created this video as a way to express my passion for why I’m going to serve in Kenya. It contains clips from several of the other videos on this page, as well as some images from my photo gallery. I wanted to tell a visual story of what I experienced and why this is important to me.


Pangani Kids (1:39)
This video was shot one afternoon just as school was letting out at the Pangani Center. It just goes to show that kids will be kids in any part of the world!


How Are You? (0:18)
While walking through the slums, many of the children will repeatedly chant “how are you” as we walk by. More than likely, they don’t speak English, but have learned that this is a common greeting.


Pangani Program Practice (0:41)
These students are practicing for a “farewell” program that is typically performed on the final day of a short-term team’s visit. These children are from the school at the Pangani Center.


David’s Class 1 (0:53)
During a surprise visit to David’s (my sponsored child) classroom in 2013, they performed a song for us. (David is in the front row, all the way to the left against the wall.)


David’s Class 2 (0:44)
Continuing our visit to David’s classroom from above, the students recite some memory verses.


Korogocho B Classroom (0:41)
While visiting a classroom at the Korogocho B Center, these students performed a song for us.


1…2…3…WOW! (0:18)
As a way to express excitement or thank you, the students perform a “wow.” To do this, the students will rub their hands together, clap three times, then throw their hands forward as if throwing their energy toward the recipient of the wow. The recipient is supposed to cross their arms and lean back to receive the wow. In this video, the children perform a variation of the standard wow called “the soda pop wow.” In this case, after clapping and counting to three, they act as if they are opening a bottle of soda pop and taking a drink before finishing the wow.


Korogocho B Recruitment (2:17)
We were visiting the Korogocho B Center during recruitment day. This is when parents around the community bring their children to the school to get their pictures taken in hopes that we can find them a sponsor and they can attend school. This video is of several students posing for their recruitment pictures.


Grogan Recruitment (2:48)
This is another video of recruitment day, this time at the Korogocho Grogan center. These children are getting their photos taken so that we can find them sponsors and get them into school.


Madoya Recruitment (0:45)
Another video of students getting their pictures taken in the hopes of getting sponsored and having the opportunity to go to school, this time at the Madoya Center.


David and Kelvin at Bondeni 1 (0:17)
Whenever I’ve visited Kenya, I always make time so hang out with David. During my visit in 2013, a friend of his – Kelvin – was there to get his recruitment picture taken so that he could hopefully start attending school the following term. I took the opportunity to visit with both of them and show them how to take video on my phone.


David and Kelvin at Bondeni 2 (0:48)
This is the second part of the above video. Rather than a video “selfie” as above, this time, I let the boys hold the camera and we took turns doing silly things.


Handing Out Supplies in Bondeni (0:48)
For his 7th birthday, my youngest nephew decided that, in lieu of gifts for himself, he would have his friends donate school supplies to children in Kenya. When I returned to Kenya for a visit a few months later, I took the supplies with me to give to the students. In this video, David and Kelvin helped me hand out some of the collected school supplies to a class at the Bondeni Center.


David’s Birthday Party (4:48)
In February of 2014, I was fortunate enough to be visiting Kenya during David’s 9th birthday. So, I worked with his teachers and social worker to have a little party for him in his classroom! You can see from the video that he’s still a pretty shy kid, and his social worker keeps the singing going until he speaks up a bit. You’ll also see the tradition of feeding cake to the birthday boy (and vice versa!) that is more reminiscent of what we typically see at a wedding in the US. The video ends when the teammate I had recruited to film the occasion is told it’s time for her to be fed some cake. Turns out, the social worker mistook her to be my wife! (This made for a funny story and an ongoing joke, as her real husband was also on this trip!)


Joska Girls Program 1 (0:38)
About an hour drive from downtown Nairobi, we run boarding schools for middle and high school girls and boys (on separate campuses) that allow them to escape the distractions of the slums and focus on their studies as they prepare to take important exams at the 8th and 12th grade levels. During my first visit to Kenya in 2012, we attended a Sunday church service at the girls boarding school (called Joska). This video is a portion of the student-led worship.


Joska Girls Program 2 (0:38)
This is another video of the student-led worship at the Joska Girls boarding school outside of Nairobi from that first visit in 2012. In this clip, we were singing additional verses of the song “This is the Day.” You’ll hear a verse starting with “We are the students…” and another starting with “These are the visitors…”


Kausyani I Can Only Imagine (3:28)
At both the boys and girls campuses of our boarding school, we also run a day school for children who live in the nearby community. While they are on the same campuses as our boarding schools, they have different names. The day school on our girls campus is called Kausyani. Just as I did in 2012, I visited this campus again in 2013 to attend a Sunday church service, and this time, the Kausyani kids joined in with a program. Here, they do an interpretive dance to the song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. This video was shot in the same location as the one just above, but about 16 months later.


Kausyani Jesus Loves Me (1:13)
You might know the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” Here, the Kausyani students presented what I consider to be – by far – the cutest performance of this song I’ve ever seen.


Joska Girls Performance (1:09)
This video is again from my 2013 visit. After the church service at the Joska Girls/Kausyani campus, many groups of students have special performances. Sometimes, it’s singing, sometimes it’s a skit, or – as is the case in this video – sometimes it’s dancing.


Joska Recess 1 (0:34)
This video from 2012 shows some of the students at the Joska Girls boarding school during a break in classes. You can see how we are definitely outside of the city, far removed from the distractions of the slums.


Joska Recess 2 (0:18)
This video shows some more of the students enjoying a break from class at the Joska Girls boarding school campus.


Farewell Program 1 (3:26)
On the last day of a short-term mission team’s visit a community in Mathare, the students will put together a farewell program. This is one of the performances of our farewell program in Bondeni during my first visit to Kenya in 2012. Here, a class is singing a song they’ve learned in school.


Farewell Program 2 (1:39)
This class put together a poem thanking us for the time we spent with them and the many activities we shared together.


Farewell Program 3 (7:22)
Still part of the farewell program, these students perform a traditional dance.


Farewell Program 4 (5:31)
This was the final performance of the farewell program. If you watch it all the way to the end, you’ll see that the students come into the audience and pull us out to dance with them. And it just kept going! Each time there was a break in the beat, we thought it was over, but then it just kept going! Additionally, some of the teachers and social workers presented each member of the team with a special gift and a t-shirt. I finally had to stop filming because I didn’t have enough hands to hold everything!

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